New School Uniform

New School Uniform

Our thanks to everybody who took part in the process in choosing our new school uniform, especially An Coiste. The following arrangements have been agreed by the Board of Management.  
Torthaí ar an vótáil 
Traicéad (only) = 160
Traicéad only for Naíonáin (Traicéad & Éadaí Scoile combination R1 – R6) = 37
Éadaí Scoile & Traicéad combination for all ranganna = 40
Current Style Cotton = 68
New Style Polyester = 118
Red Piping = 135
White Piping = 43

Arrangements for 2019/20 only

Naíonáin Bheaga:
All naíonáin will wear the new traicéad everyday.
Naíonáin mhóra go Rang 6:
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; The current traicéad or the new traicéad is to be worn. 
Monday and Wednesday; Students will be allowed to wear the current school uniform or the new traicéad.
There will be no Riail Scoile.


Parents will be able to order the new traicéad from Grants. Grants will come to the school at the end of the school year and orders will be taken. The Board are discussing final alterations to the traicéad nua with Grants. 
Bord Bainistíochta na Scoile

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